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Seaya Ventures

Juan Gonzalez del Castillo
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“Thanks to Valuat, our internal processes have improved drastically, we stopped wasting time on repetitive and calculus intensive tasks and are able to get just the data we need whenever we want. Furthermore, the team is highly supportive and has helped us during the transition to a fully digital and innovative solution”

All Iron Ventures

Jone Meabe
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"Valuat has played an essential role in helping us centralize some of our operations, KPIs and return metrics in one single platform. On top of that, the investor portal and the automatic document generator have noticeably simplified some of our LP relationship tasks"

Koinos Capital

Lorenzo Franzi
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"Valuat has been fundamental in making our new fund a reality. We onboarded over 100 LPs through the platform and have been able to maintain a lean support team thanks to time saving functions like drawdown notification distribution. A smaller size fund for the niche strategy we are implementing would have been hard to implement without Valuat."